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Opening Second Location

So, you think it’s time. Your second location. You’ve had quite the run of success with your
first, and expanding seems like the right thing to do. However, it’s important to consider all
variables when creating something larger. Whether it’s just a second location or an empire,
there are several key features in determining whether a second location is right for your
Can it run without you?
As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably been
in the trenches daily, from baking bread to
cleaning toilets. It is important to fully realize
whether or not your establishment can run
without you, and if not, a second location may
be the worst idea you’ve ever had. It starts
with a sound team, and a leader you can rely
on to take your place. This is why having a
steady manager/partner is very important to
your success. If you can trust this manager to
take over the ship while you are gone tending
to a second business, you’ll be able to manage
a true enterprise.
“First and foremost, having management that
is ready to open another unit is key. This will
give new career opportunities for current staff
to move up, as well as new employment for
those seeking work.” Mathew Focht, CEO of
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