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Opening a Restaurant – A Checklist for Restaurant Operators

Opening a restaurant is hard – there is no way around it. From first timers to seasoned restaurant groups; things will go wrong, problems will arise. You can mitigate many of these issues by being organized, planning ahead, and leaving
time to tackle the unforeseen.

We have put together a checklist to help you on your journey to opening. It is by no means an exhaustive list. Each project and each company will be different but we have tried to hit the big points you will not want to forget. We encourage you to tailor this list to your organization needs and have left space for you to
do so.

Good luck with your opening and we hope to someday work with you or just
stumble upon your new restaurant for a meal.

Mathew Focht

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Bain Fund Invests in Bamboo Sushi Parent

Investment will help Sustainable Restaurant Group grow

Bain Capital Double Impact, a mission-oriented private-equity fund, has led a new strategic investment in Portland, Ore.-based Sustainable Restaurant Group to grow its Bamboo Sushi and QuickFish brands, the companies said Tuesday.

The Boston-based Bain affiliate joined the New York City-based early-stage Kitchen Fund in the investment in Sustainable Restaurant Group, which has four full-service Bamboo Sushi units in Portland and one in Denver, as well as one limited-service QuickFish location in Portland. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

“We are firm believers in the idea that Americans are going to eat healthier, more sustainable food in the future than they do today,” Warren Valdmanis, a managing director at Bain Capital Double Impact, told Nation’s Restaurant News. “Bamboo Sushi and the Sustainable Restaurant Group are purpose-built to help evangelize and expand that trend.”

Valdmanis called Bamboo Sushi “the affordable Nobu,” and it sources its supply from sustainable catches or farms.

SRG founder and CEO Kristofor Lofgren is inspirational in promoting sustainable sourcing, Valdmanis said.

“Kristofor and his high-quality management team have done an exceptional job of tapping into a growing segment of customers who recognize that eating sustainability sourced seafood is not only better for you, but also better for the planet,” he said.

Sustainable Restaurant Group has built a supply chain that validates fishing
practices and excludes severely overfished oceans, fish fraud and health risks
associated with farm-raised fish. The company also has committed to expanding
awareness of sustainability and health and wellness benefits of fish consumption
through in-restaurant green initiatives and consumer programs.

Lofgren said the strategic investment will allow the company to expand into new
markets, with the plans for Seattle and San Francisco.

“With the benefit of Bain Capital Double Impact and Kitchen Fund’s impressive
restaurant experience, we are well-positioned to achieve our goal of providing
mindful customers with a premium sushi dining experience at a great value while

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