AceBounce, a ping-pong and dining concept debuted their newest attraction, Wonderball – which turns the surface of an ordinary ping-pong table into an interactive gaming experience. Using a digital projector and mapping technology; the Wonderball’s surface becomes a gaming screen that reacts to the ball and interacts with the gamers.

<p”>Wonderball currently offers six gaming experiences – three visually enhanced and three traditional games. “The philosophy at AceBounce is to exceed expectations in everything we do and to constantly innovate – it’s not enough for us to just rely on how fun it is to play ping pong; we aim to create a totally new experience, an AceBounce experience,” says Adam Breeden, Founder and CEO of AceBounce

AceBounce is looking to open 20 new, wholly-owned venues across the world by 2020. “Being at the forefront of the social entertainment industry for many years means we can now encompass a greater range of concepts in different territories. Now is the time to leverage our extensive experience to bring to market more concepts within this fast-growing category, as well as embark on a more ambitious roll out plan.” Adam Breeden

For their US expansion, they are looking towards Emerging Concepts, to ensure they find the best locations. “Emerging Concepts is very excited about expanding the most innovative entertainment company, Social Entertainment Ventures in the United States” says Mathew Focht, CEO at Emerging Concepts.

AceBounce Founder Adam Breeden and Social Entertainment Concepts are also behind the concepts Flight Club opening in Chicago in 2018 and Puttshack.