Silverspot Cinema plans to open a 1,200-seat theater that will show a mix of Hollywood films, independent fare and live-streamed performances including opera and plays. The company, based in Florida, is a spinoff of a longtime South American theater business. Silverspot operates a theater in Naples, Florida, and has announced projects in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Coconut Creek, Florida; and Miami, Florida.

The Pinecrest theater will include a restaurant, where patrons can dine before a show or order food to take into the auditorium. Gonzalo Ulivi, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, described the movie-going experience as a bit more sophisticated and, at $4.50 to $5 more per ticket, costly than a visit to a larger chain theater or megaplex.

“When we came to Naples, the market grew by 61 percent,” he said. “We brought all these people back to the movies. The multiplex model works very well, but there is a niche for a small percent of the population who have an appreciation for quality, who understand good service and also have the capacity to pay for it.”

The developer is also talking to fashion, housewares and specialty retailers – “stores that many from this area are currently having to travel some distance to get to,” Ruttenberg said – about much of the remaining space at Pinecrest. A gourmet food market also is a possibility. Fairmount hopes to make announcements about some of those tenants by mid-November.