Target Workforce is a proprietary technology that is revolutionary for hiring. Hire smart and find the highest quality, trained staff, at the lowest recruiting cost.

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Advanced Geo-location

Target Workforce uses advanced geo-location to give you ways to connect to the highest qualified restaurant workers to build your team.

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Identifies potential hires and their location.

Workforce Target accurately identifies potential hires and their location using mobile tracking and IP address verification technology.

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Targeted ads to the right person at the right time.

Workforce Target will send targeted ads on the most popular websites to the right person at the right time. So your money goes much further.

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Trained Staff

Dependable Staff

Cost Effective

Geoframing and GPS to select “like” restaurants and operators.

We look back at these nearby restaurants and see what staff personnel have shown up consistently for the past 60 days. So we know they are trained and dependable workers.

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