EMERGING Magazine’s Fall/Winter Edition is Here

The Fall/Winter Edition of EMERGING Magazine has arrived!
By Marisa Upson

We’re excited to share some of the latest happenings in the restaurant industry, as well as the new restaurants taking the world by storm. 

Curious about the Culinary Dropout? With a byline reading, “Damn good food for damn good people,” who wouldn’t be? From hip happy hours to live music, sports TVs, games, and yoga at The Yard, it’s a restaurant that defines what today’s consumers want: great entertainment, fun, and food. Discover this expanding brand and many more within the pages of our complimentary issue.

From interviews with innovative entrepreneurs to industry vets on their way to raising $100 million for investments in restaurants and ResTech companies, our industry is nothing if not ever-changing and exciting. Let’s explore a few of the hot topics.

Restaurants Redefining the Industry

Have you ever wondered what it would take to garner the title “Best Restaurant in the World”? On page 18, you’ll find some of the restaurants that received this prestigious designation and what they’re offering that took them to the summit. 

How about the most influential independent restaurant groups in America? You probably won’t be surprised to find Tao Group Hospitality among the brands that have managed to operate as major chains while maintaining their independence.

To Lease or Buy, That Is the Question

Determining whether to buy or lease a property for your next restaurant location can be challenging. Both are filled with benefits and drawbacks that can ultimately play a significant part in your success. Explore the pros and cons on page 8 and expand with confidence.

The New Convenience Store

Foxtrot is the convenience store we’ve all been waiting for. It provides the convenience of a neighborhood footprint with the high quality that’s often missing. Local foods, fresh chef-prepared meals, hand-picked wines, and effortless delivery. Need I say more? Mike La Vitola, co-founder and chairman of Foxtrot, says it much better. You can find an interview with this intriguing entrepreneur on page 14.

On the Way to $100 Million

We’re also excited to share the latest news on the EMERGING Fund, a venture capital fund backed by industry experts looking to invest in restaurants, social entertainment concepts, and restaurant technology startups. On page 30, discover some of the investors, what they’re looking for, and how much the fund has raised thus far.

Emerging Concepts

Despite economic uncertainty and continuing labor and supply chain issues, the restaurant industry has demonstrated a strong comeback, with new establishments up 10% across the nation from April 2022 to March 2023 compared to the previous year. Data published by Yelp revealed that pop-ups surged, with an increase in openings of 105 percent. In second place came ramen restaurants with 45 percent.

One wonders, with so many incredible restaurants across the U.S., how do you stand out? Is there such a thing as a unique concept? Incredibly, there is. In this latest issue, you’ll find stunningly beautiful restaurants, including some that have elevated the role of vegetables in American cuisine, such as JF Restaurants. The Pub, a restaurant resembling the corner pubs in London, has won awards for its incredible exterior. Inside, however, you’ll find a modern gastropub. 

And where are many of these restaurants headed? Take a look at page 50 to find out. 

A Technology Standout

Botrista, created by serial inventor and entrepreneur Sean Hsu, is an automated DrinkBot that makes premium 100% natural beverages, from craft cocktails to mocktails and more. Discover this impressive machine and how it can transform the center of your beverage program in a 4-square-foot space. Interested in adding trending boba tea to the menu? Discover how Botrista makes it easy on page 38.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what you’ll find in the pages of EMERGING Magazine’s Fall/Winter edition. Interested in how to appeal to the up-and-coming Gen Z? We’ve got that covered, too. 

At EMERGING, we work with industry-leading restaurant and entertainment concepts, coordinating business strategies in real estate, supply chain, data science, finance, and labor. Our goal is to provide unprecedented value from one platform, driving our clients to the most efficient path to excellence. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact EMERGING today.

With valuable insight into the culture of the industry, in this issue, you’ll find an array of articles featuring industry-exciting restaurant and entertainment concepts. As a prominent leader in the ResTech space, we’re proud to feature EMERGING Fund’s investments in technology-disrupting operations that accelerate restaurant concept innovation.

We trust you’ll enjoy our 3rd Edition. Thank you for your continued support!

Mathew Focht

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