Discover What Lies Within EMERGING Magazine’s Spring 2024 Edition!

Welcome to the Spring 2024 Issue of EMERGING!

Spring brings the promise of warmer days, new beginnings, and possibilities. EMERGING Magazine’s Spring 2024 Edition provides inspiration, introductions, and the best spring cocktail on page 42!

Within its pages, you can meet Hilary Slocum, the newest member of the EMERGING Fund and the VP of Strategic Partnerships. You can also discover what tomatoes and technology have to do with restaurants and explore which industry events can help take your operations to the next level.

Let’s look at the latest edition of the EMERGING Magazine.

Technomic’s 2024 Crystal Ball

The leader in food service insights came out with their 2024 report. They suggested that restaurants will start embracing practical technology that enhances operations. Find out what this technology is on page 9. And, while you’re there, check out some of the tomato dishes making headlines, such as Mayan sikil pak and Philippine sarsiado.

Another technology entering the industry is virtual reality. While commonly linked to a virtual environment for gamers, Techonomic sees it gaining traction in the industry as a way for restaurants to tell their brand story and engage with their customers.

Let’s Meet Hilary Slocum

Head to page 33 to meet Hilary, a woman with an impressive career and entrepreneurial background. From starting out on the ground floor with Tapingo, a mobile commerce app that sold to Grubhub for $150 million, to scaling and launching the U.S. business for Choco, a one-stop platform for restaurants and suppliers to connect and grow, her background has taken her to the top. And now, we’re fortunate to have her joining the EMERGING Fund, where she’ll undoubtedly provide immense value.

Up-and-Coming Restaurant Brands

One would think that, with the millions of restaurants that have come and gone over the years, there would be no new ideas. And yet it’s clear that those in the restaurant industry are innovators and risk takers, continually surprising the world with their offerings, ambiance, and unique take on the classics and long-established practices. 

Consider Northstar, an elevated café focusing on local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. To date, they’ve donated over $250,000 to organizations that align with their sustainable practices. They also provide live jazz music with their scrumptious ingredients. Check out their latest concept on page 12.

Blanco Cocina + Cantina is the place to hang out with friends and neighbors while enjoying a fresh twist on Mexican favorites. A Fox restaurant concept, it combines modern, ultra-fresh food with Mexican traditions and, of course, margaritas. See their drool-worthy creations on page 26.

Ready to explore the world-famous Museum of Ice Cream on page 58? Who wouldn’t be!

Industry Events

From the Bar & Restaurant Expo to the National Restaurant Association Show, there are numerous ways to gain inspiration while discovering some of the latest trends and technologies in the industry. In addition to these two heavy hitters, consider MURTEC and FSTEC, the two events where you can find all things related to technology. You’ll find them all starting on page 17.

Eatertainment On the Upward Trajectory 

Sir Isaac Newton gave us an understanding of gravity. And, from that, we deemed that what goes up must come down. Many companies align with this understanding, believing that trajectory growth is unsustainable and will, eventually, come back into balance.

For those who agree with this philosophy, they have not yet met the eatertainment industry. From pickleball concepts to Bowlero and Puttshack, the technology-induced immersive mini-golf experience, eatertainment is on an exponential growth spurt. Explore how to enhance your own restaurant experience on page 30.

Defining the 3 Investment Types 

Are you interested in investment strategies, and which investor operates as a strategic growth partner? Discover the answers and the benefits this type of investor brings on page 38.

And What About the Price of Beef? 

Experts suggest tighter beef supplies will lead to the continuing escalation of beef prices. Do you wonder how restaurants are responding? Explore the reasons for the rising costs and the possible solutions on page 54.

Our EMERGING Magazine spring recap has only scratched the surface! Open the cover to explore the innovative concepts and minds transforming our industry. 

By: Marissa Upson

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