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Celebrating Father’s Day and the Coming Summer at Your Restaurant

Father’s Day, while not quite as busy as the day we celebrate our moms (no offense, dads), is a prime day for dining out. According to the National Restaurant Association, the three busiest days of the year for restaurants fall in this order: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Father’s Day. 

According to the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, over 75% of Americans celebrate Father’s Day, spending, on average, about $133 per person. So, how can you entice those who are taking out their dads for a special occasion to your restaurant? 

Let the World Know

Google reports that almost 90% of dining research occurs on mobile devices before potential guests select their restaurant. Regular posts on your website help increase traffic and catapult you up the search engine ladder for restaurants in your area.

The celebration for dads starts with your website. 

Knowing your clients as you do, what specials would they appreciate the most? In some areas and demographics, creating a unique craft beer pairing menu would be a big hit by offering small plates and the beers that go well with them. Highlight the items on special menu cards and describe how each beer highlights the flavors of the dish. Then, post it everywhere, including your website, social media platforms, and, of course, in your restaurant.

You can also extend this popular approach and run the promotion over the weekend or for a week instead of just one day. For some clientele, whiskey tastings would be an even bigger hit than craft beer. 

Family-Friendly Competition

As we all know, eatertainment is taking the world by storm. Consider promoting Father’s Day by adding some social competition to the mix. If you have the space for it, life-sized Jenga, cornhole boards, and a bit of magic are all big draws. Teach your staff members some simple magic tricks they can share at the table.

Get Out the Grill

There’s probably no better way to celebrate fathers than by offering barbeque and smoked specials. Many dad’s favorite dishes are barbeque ribs, steaks, and special grilled chicken recipes. If you don’t have the space, consider making it easy for your customers to celebrate Dad with a grill-at-home kit. These kits contain the meat, sauces, and sides like salads or vegetables suited for grilling, such as corn, asparagus, mushrooms, and onions.

This to-go kit is also a popular item for the summer months. And, like many of these promotional ideas, it can be carried on, with Father’s Day as the kickoff.

A Prix Fixe Menu

One of the worst restaurant experiences is being overtaken on a holiday. When unexpected crowds descend simultaneously, the great impression you want to impart can be left in the dust amidst long wait times, inefficient service, and running out of favorite menu items.

If you’re expecting or even slightly participating in a busy Father’s Day, consider a prix fixe menu. Combine your standout items into an appetizer, main course, and dessert with some options for each and set at a fixed price. This approach significantly speeds up operations, increases profits, and enhances customer service on busy days.

A Dad Desert

Consider a free dad’s dessert or a particular offering just for them. Whiskey chocolate cake, bourbon pecan pie, apple pies, and berry cobblers may enhance their day and your bottom line.  

Don’t Forget Your Regulars

Father’s Day is a great time to attract new customers and entice them to become regulars. However, in all the excitement, it’s easy to forget about those who are responsible for your success. 

Consider sending your VIP customers a special designed just for them. Open up a little early and offer them a one-of-a-kind outdoor dining experience, or use your CRM to determine your most loyal VIP and offer them the best table in the house for the big day. Small gestures that reflect your appreciation go a long way in solidifying long-term brand-loyal fans.

Some restaurants are implementing a unique approach to letting guests select their favorite table. TABLZ provides a 3D experience, taking your guests on a digital tour of your restaurant and letting them pick out their favorite table for a small fee. 

Multi-Generational Families

Don’t forget to include all fathers, including grandfathers and fathers-in-law, in your promotions. Some restaurants even offer specials for tables with three generations or more. 

Special occasions offer a great time to celebrate your guests and give them an extra memory or experience that says, “Thank you.” 

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